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Attention: Self-help does not replace God.

If you are struggling with depression and a sense of not belonging, self-help can do more harm than good to you.

Who reads the Bible, is reading much of what self-help gurus preach, but with the safety of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Self-help demands that you think of yourself more and not less, and the more you think of yourself, the more you hurt. It’s not safe.

My non-religious book is likely to be helpful in a practical sense. Just don’t expect any miracles. If you think you are too smart to be a Christian, read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.

Jumpstart app

We don’t always have the time to read a stack of books. Sometimes we need it short, sweet, and to the point. Themes are diverse and designed to jumpstart your life now, while working on your dreams for the future.


Unveil what success really means to you


Create good habits that stick


Make better financial decisions


Create new sources of income


Transform your limiting beliefs into empowering ones


Use criticism and failure to your advantage


Set goals that pull you through present challenges

Read what matters first.

Create your personalized reading plan with the jumpstart app. It organizes the chapters in order of priority exclusively for you. This way, you won’t miss the most important and life-changing information — even if you don’t read the entire book.  

Download the app — it’s free.

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Little Book, LARge content.

With mindset empowering concepts and practical instructions, it will guide you to improve your health, finances, and relationships. With 27 bite-size chapters, it covers all bases to jumpstart your life. Most chapters are 4 to 6 pages long, and takes only five minutes to read. 

From setting goals to preparing yourself for victory, Fernando walks you through how to treat your body, your time, and your mind in order to make it more likely for you to succeed. Fernando has accomplished much, starting with little. This book is an easy-to-read crash course on how you can do the same.


Jumpstart is a unique approach to the personal development field. Fernando has tapped into his knowledge and experience in tech to pioneer a new more effective way to understand and apply the ideas in his book. Reading Jumpstart with the ”custom sequence” recommended by the app was a great idea and the growth principles presented in the book were easy to understand. Overall it is a progressive idea that has been well executed! I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for motivation to reach that next level in personal and professional growth.

Cory Woffinden

Well written, easy reader with plenty of content without complications of over selling the processes. True Life applications, useful tools to help you get on track for the future you deserve.

Jeff Wensler

Reading this book is like having a series of mentoring conversations with an older and more successful friend.

The book introduces a wide range of self-development topics to create a path for you to follow. Each of the many chapters are short, digestible, and relatable.

John H. Watson

About the author

Fernando Eid Pires

Fundamentally a problem-solver with remarkable ability to learn and execute, Fernando is a relentless entrepreneur, engineer, writer, and musician born and raised in São Paulo – Brazil. 

Self-taught, Fernando has created five patents and has learned an extraordinary number of skills, such as electronic design, coding, marketing, nutrition, and fitness — to name a few.  

At 28 years old, Fernando had to start over from scratch. With his book, he shares with us his insights and lessons learned throughout this painstaking process.

The result is an incredibly practical and  empowering book that everyone should read to avoid common pitfalls and create success in their lives — particularly young adults!

“I jumpstarted my life with no credit, no car, no money, and no friends or family around. In two short years, I had my life together, and within five years, a life that I had only once dreamed of. Like a good friend, I will walk you through how to do the same for yourself.”

Fernando Pires