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With love for service, creativity and an extra-ordinary problem solving ability, Fernando is an innate entrepreneur. His passion is to create and execute products and services to solve real world problems.


Self-taught, Fernando started his ever-growing journey as an Engineer as little as 4-years old. Hardware, Software and Signal Processing are his areas of mastery, with a total of 13 years of experience. 


As a gifted singer and a proefficient guitar player, Fernando loves to play music – especially from the rock and ballads from the 60’s. 

ABOUT:  Fernando Pires, born and raised in São Paulo – Brazil, is a 34 years old entrepreneur, engineer and musician with remarkable ability to learn and execute pretty much anything – from fitness and nutrition to consumer electronics and computer coding! Thanks to his creative efforts, work ethics and strong problem-solving ability, he has created a total of 5 patents, founded 2 companies and currently works as chief electrical engineer IV at Stillwater Designs (KICKER).

      Self-educated, Fernando has been incessantly learning about electronics since he was as little as 4 years old. Watching TV was not fun for him unless he knew what was going on behind the screen and how the circuits worked inside of it! Fernando was particularly interested in the kind of electronics related to music, such as speakers, sound effects, amplifiers, etc. As a result, by the age of 21, Fernando had single-handedly created, manufactured and sold a variety of audio electronics, but most notably the StudioMotion! – a portable amplifier and mixer with sound effects and the quality to rival long established brands such as Peavey and Fender. 

     Despite not having a college degree, Fernando has an unusual thirst for knowledge. In addition to his innate electrical engineering abilities, he learned multiple programming languages and is able code almost anything; from a chip in a turnstile all the way to creating full blown apps for your iPhone. Consequently, as Fernando’s first assignment at Stillwater Designs, he created the Kicker KEY amplifier that “unlocks amazing sound” in your car by using Fernando’s unique sound improvement algorithm. The result was so amazing that at SEMA 2018 it came out on top, winning Global Media and Best New Mobile Electronics Product awards. 

     Today Fernando enjoys a comfortable life as a permanent resident of the U.S. and employed at Stillwater Designs (KICKER) – an awesome company that recognized his talents and sponsored his immigration. It wasn’t always like that, however. Fernando has overcome many struggles to break through an upbringing of scarcity, disbelief and extreme emotional distress. Without higher education, Fernando faced great difficulties to get recognition and work opportunities worthy of his real-world knowledge and skills learned from the university of hard knocks. All of that forced him to become even more creative, persistent, aim higher and improve himself further in both professional and personal realms to the point that he simply could not be ignored. 

   Fernando learned many valuable lessons along the way as he rescued himself from the rock bottom, beating depression, hopelessness and the odds. In only 3 short years, Fernando completely transformed his career and health for the better. Today he is gearing up for new entrepreneurial endeavors with the goal of helping others do the same – finding meaning in their lives and living to the full extent of their potential.

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